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What is it?

Hey, this I just made this mockup for myself as I needed to show some of my rollup designs in portoflio and decided to share it with you 🙂

This rollup mockup is for 85 cm wide and 200 cm high rollup. It looks great with dark or light design as it has shadows and highlights embedded so feel free to insert any design you like.

I hope you like it and share it 🙂 Please comment below and let me know what other mockups would you like to see on this page.

Have fun!


  • 85 x 200 cm rollup
  • 1000 x 1000 px fully layered psd file
  • rollup is a separate layer, you can move it as you like
  • set any backgound you like 🙂
  • about 13 Mb
  • sample designs included!